Thank you for visiting.  I set up the website, because people have asked where they can find more stories and pictures of my four adventures.  I spent most of my twenties sailing across the Pacific, then around the world alone.  I participated in two more adventures -  a climbing expedition in the Himalayas and an expedition to the North Pole.  

Here is my brief profile:


  • 1990-91  Sailed the Pacific (solo LA to Korea)
  • 1994-97  Sailed around the World (solo)
  • 1999       Climbing expedition to Himalayas (Broad Peak)
  • 2005       North Pole expedition (Expedition manager)


  • 2001                  UCLA graduate
  • 2001-2004        Deloitte & Touche (LA)
  • 2005-present   Federal Reserve Bank of SF

I have given lectures to schools, companies and various organizations about my adventures.  I believe people from different walks of life could benefit from my story- of having a dream, and to challenge and persevere.  I focus on overcoming obstacles, by telling personal stories of life and death situations, such as storms and loneliness, and deaths of close friends in the Himalayas. 

Please contact me with any questions, or if you're interested in having me as a speaker.  In the meantime, I encourage all of you to take that leap of faith, and go on a grand adventure of a lifetime. DREAM, CHALLENGE, and PERSIST.

Donald Kang 강동석

 Adventurer / Solo-Circumnavigator  / Speaker

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  • Dream 
  • Challenge
  • Persevere